Stop MS

MS is a debilitating illness that must be stopped.

Affecting millions, it destroys lives and devastates families.

How you can help

MS is a condition that hits in the prime of your life, and shatters your dreams for the future.

If someone close to you has MS, you already know there's no cure. And you don't need to be told that we can't give up hope.

Incredible breakthroughs are now on the horizon.

Decades of scientific advances - many funded by the MS Society - have revealed what needs to be done.

The scientists, the MS community and the MS Society are ready.

But we don’t have the money to make it happen.

We need £100 million to get us there.

“Over the past 20 years, MS research has led to major advances in treatment development.

No other neurodegenerative disease has made such great strides and we are in a unique position to build on that success.

But to do so requires a major financial investment in research.”

Dr Jeremy Chataway
Consultant Neurologist, MS researcher and co-leader of the ground-breaking MS SMART clinical trial

Our plan to Stop MS

Four research areas of focus



Together we will slow and stop progression of the disease. Repair myelin. Protect nerve cells.

This research is pivotal to our drive to stop MS. We expect this work to lead to advanced stage trials for life changing treatments within 10 years.



We must investigate whether aggressive drugs given earlier are more beneficial in the long-term. And if vitamin D supplements are an effective and safe treatment for MS.

Aggressive therapies have a greater risk of serious side effects and people with MS need to know if they are worth it.



Your generosity will help us unravel the mystery of what causes MS.

In the past five to 10 years, research has made significant progress. We now know that at least 110 genes are linked to the condition.

Environmental factors have been implicated too, including vitamin D deficiency and smoking. We need to do more to understand what increases the risk of a person developing MS.



We must treat fatigue and support people to manage pain and other symptoms.

Some people say fatigue is like ‘an elephant sitting on your chest.’ It is often the most debilitating symptom.

We must continue our research into fatigue, pain and the many other symptoms of MS to help people affected by it manage their lives.

Nick’s Story

Nick is 57 years old. He’s Kate’s husband, and Rosie, Harry and Lily’s dad. He battles MS every day, a disease that has robbed him of the life most of us take for granted.

“Ten years ago, when I was 45, I started to lose control of my body. It was a shock, but nothing could prepare us for what lay ahead.

I felt the profound effects of isolation as I was confined to a wheelchair and felt humiliated as I lost control of my body. The effects are devastating.

You have the power to keep our hope alive, and the hope of thousands of other families like us.

Please help.”


“He used to stand so proudly, so confidently, so blissfully unaware. Things couldn’t be more different now.

My dad used to soar over me like a shield. Now, I am his.

The spontaneity has gone, replaced with times of doubt and despair.

But he has hope.”

Nick’s 20-year-old daughter Lily

Stop MS Pioneers

Transforming the lives of people with MS together.

pioneer (noun)

  • someone who breaks new ground, an innovator or initiator
  • someone who is among the first to research and develop a new area of knowledge or activity

Synonyms: explorer, trailblazer, discoverer, front-runner, instigator

Our pioneers underpin the Stop MS research programme by funding critical research infrastructure, including:

  • Talented young scientists who work on the breakthroughs people with MS urgently need
  • The world-leading MS Tissue Bank: Supplying samples for MS research globally
  • The MS Register: Revolutionising our understanding of MS
  • The UK MS Clinical Trials Network: Our unique network of leading researchers
  • The Research Programme Team: Co-ordinators of our world-class Stop MS research programme

Become a Pioneer today

Commit to donating £5,000 or more per year and you will lead the way towards treatments to Stop MS. You will give our Appeal critical momentum and help us leverage significant further support.

Making your mark to Stop MS

As a Pioneer, you will meet scientists at the forefront of MS research and will receive:

  • Guided tours of research facilities
  • Invitations to exclusive events including our annual Pioneers' Reception and Stop MS Lecture
  • Breaking news alerts and twice-yearly updates about Stop MS progress
  • Recognition in our Pioneers' roll-call and a thank you in our Annual Report
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Thank you to our Stop MS Pioneer Founding Members

Our donors make a huge difference to MS research by funding the critical infrastructure that underpins all our work to Stop MS.

  • Richard and Lesley Astle
  • Charles Bland
  • John and Vicki Brice
  • Paul Cooper
  • Colin and Lucy Evans
  • Lucy Fuller
  • Tim Jones
  • The Josephs Family Charitable Trust
  • The Philip Marsden Family Charitable Trust
  • Geoff and Bernadette Milton
  • Sir David C. Ord

Today, nothing can Stop MS. Tomorrow, we will.

With a dramatic increase in investment of £100 million over the next 10 years, an end to the devastating impact of MS is within our grasp.

This is a major undertaking, which is why we need exceptional people like you: philanthropic visionaries who will kick-start this huge challenge.

We need you to act now.
With your help we can make medical history.